I am so bummed....

In trying to delete Partner Geoff's blog that he doesn't use, Lars also accidentally deleted his own Blog.

I'm devastated but will live. Much of what I had there can not be replaced. Such is life though.
I guess it's kind of like having a flood or housefire. You must start over and rebuild what you can.
And you realize that alot of what you had needed to be got rid of anyway.


Anonymous said...

All is not lost:

Go to Google.

Type in Der Amilander spricht.
Hit enter.
Most of your stuff will appear. At the end of each entry on the list you will see 'cached'. Click on that and your page will come up. Usually it looks garbled but expand the page fully and then left button down, highlight each section so that you can read/copy it and transfer it to your new page. Time consuming, yes - but you should be able to retrieve most of what you lost.

If you want me to help, let me know. I can paste them into WORD and send them to you via email.

Don't you just HATE this????

~Der Geez

Lars said...

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just sent you a huge amount of entries. Check your email. Let me know at my email addy if the file was too large for your email system. I'll split it up and send it again in pieces.

~Der Geez