A quiet weekend here in P-town

I did very little this weekend, I spent a lot of time napping and reading, I loved it.
I did go out to
Sauvie Island with Partner and a friend, I wanted cucumbers to make pickles and also some cabbage for sauerkraut. I always get the urge to put things in jars late in the summer and early fall. I blame it on my family, we canned everything when I was a kid and lived through the winter on the things that we grew and preserved during the summer. I don't do a lot of canning, just a few things, mostly things that are available in stores but just don't taste as good as what I remember they should taste like; piccalilli, a couple of kinds of pickles, apple sauce, apple butter, sauerkraut, and a couple of jams that I've discovered since my childhood; pineapple/strawberry/rhubarb jam and orange grapefruit marmalade. Okay, there is the possibility that I'm just crazy and make too much work for myself, but I reserve that right. I have in the past put up peaches and pears, but Geoff, who does the majority of the meal preparation around here, never uses them and I gave up on that. Sad, because the peaches and pears around here are fantastic.
Oh, back to the lazy part, it just took a couple of hours to get what I bought today ready, the real work begins in a couple of days, and a couple of weeks, some things need to sit overnight or so and some things need to sit and ferment for a few weeks.
I t was also a nice little Sunday drive.

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