Warning, gay content.

yes kids the gays are responsible for the California inferno, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger.. Towleroad gives us this news. Don't miss out on what the Fred Phelps wingnuts have to say either.
Andi, maybe that's why it's more covered than the fires in Greece.

Update. Dann fand ich das hier auch.


Anonymous said...

i may be an asshole sometimes but these people are f****** morons, but at least i know what i am ;)don´t ever take something like that personal Lars,

Zing not Zion

Lars said...

Zing, the Fred Phelps group are the ones that travel around the country to Soldiers funerals and carry signs about Homos being to blame for Bushes war and that people are dying because of Americas acceptance (?) of gays.

Anonymous said...

like i said morons ... i mean what sane person would possibly do something like that?


tottinho said...

Homosexuelle sind auch Schuld wenn in tausend Jahren die Erde untergeht!
Ja, genau so wird es sein. Irgendwer muss ja Schuld sein

Lars said...

Totti, haben wir noch tausend Jahren. Nach der Homosexuell Agenda, sollen alle in nur hundert Jahren schwul werden und denn wird menschen aussterben, nur so kann wir der Erd retten. ;~)