first snow

Christmas day and the first real snowfall of the year, there was avery small amount a few weeks ago but todays are great big flakes of real honest to goodness snow. Puppy has never seen snow before and is not quite sure what to think of it.


Günter said...

Was sagst du, Schnee ist schon was schönes

andreschneider said...

A little late, I know ... but ... I hope you're having a joyful time and your Xmas was great.


Anonymous said...

A little jealous. :)

Lars said...

@ Günter, ja Schnee ist schön, irgendwoanderes als hier;)

@ André, thank you! I hope you also had a great holiday and wish you the best in the coming year.

@ René, Warum? Das es schneit, oder das ich ein Puppy habe? ;)

Anonymous said...

Sowohl als auch :)