A few years ago....

... I really wanted to build a garden railway. I built some buildings and had a lot of plans in my head. Partner had other ideas about how a garden should look and my garden railroad fell to the side. I would like to show you all my buildings that I was making though.

Die Bären auf den Porch sind für mich nur lustig, jeder Stadt soll ein Cafe haben, Ruby war die Name meine Oma.

a good excuse to buy model cars is always just that. Who doesn't want more model cars?

And then there's the barn...need I say more?

As you can see they now just sit around in the basement and gather dust.


Günter said...


monokel said...

Well, all these cars, animals, buildings an more need a lot of space. Didn't you have enough for your "city" ?

Lars said...

I don't have enough garden, it's full of flowers and boring plants, grümmel.