A Swedish Vacation.

The Abisko Ark Hotel. Those swedes really know how to have a good time.


Günter said...

Ja da freu ich mich schon auf meinen Sommerurlaub in Ägypten, wenn ich das sehe

Zing said...

vttDear Lars, do you know the german word "Eiszapfen"? It´s an icicle! And the word "Zapfen" itself is also used as a slangword for "dick"! You know the german habbit of putting two nouns together to create a new word. And that is exactly what you will have when going on a vacation there for too long!

A frozen wong!

thx for the mail anyway, but i prefer to stay in a real hotel when i´m in those northern countries ;) and not to be too far away from any civilisation!

I definitely need holiday in Africa like Günter when i look at pictures like this ... yeah it´s nice up there and the nature is brilliant and i can handle the cold --> but i don´t like it for `f***sake

Lars said...

Yeah Guys, it's not the vacation I would pick either.