Tired of the same old Hamburg?


Then you need to make vacation plans and visit Novo Hamburgo, Brazil.
Woohoo, Spass^


Zing said...

aawww come on Hamburg is such a nice city, at least that´s what all the girls say, i would rather be in brazil ...hehe i think Rio has some fantastic views especially when there´s carneval.

Lars said...

I just found the name Novo HamburgO kind of funny. I think I would prefer the original Hamburg though. And for scenery, I'm sure Rio has a lot more to offer ;)

Zing said...

Well if i ever go to Brazil it would for sure aswell include a trip to Belo Horizonte, since i got a friend who lives there and yes i´m pretty sure Rio has a lot more to offer, the original Hamburg i think is also a really nice city i just wonder why all the girls are so eager about it is there somethig the Zing doesn´t know?

Lars said...

No idea, maybe the Hamburgers?

Jekylla said...

When you go from the right top of the picture 2 inches to the North and then 1 inch East, you know where I am gonna be next Thursday. Riverview :-)

I like Hamburg because of the people, the spirit, the river and the entertainment. And because of a very close friend :-)

And the soccer team. Not HSV of course.

Lars said...

Now you know Zing, it's the Hamburgers.