A gardening weekend

It was a weekend for gardening. Tomatoes and herbs were planted. The chicken wire cages are to keep puppy from trampling the new plants. I will build better support cages once I get a chance to go to the lumber store. It's not a good photo, sorry kids.
It was also harvested. The rhubarb was cut and made into the first pie of the season.

O.M.G. It is so delicious!
Lars's recipe?
4 Cups/ 500 grams peeled and diced Rhubarb
2 Cups / 400 grams sugar
a good generous pinch of nutmeg
mix together and let set for a couple of hours so the sugar can draw the moisture out of the rhubarb.
Strain the liquid off into a saucepan and throw in a handful of craisins ( dried cranberries), bring to a boil and turn off the heat. Let set for 15 - 20 minutes so the craisins can plump.
Pour the liquid back through the rhubarb in the sieve to cool it off. beat 4 or 5 eggs into the liquid mixture. mix the liquid and the rhubarb craisins together.
Pour into a 10 inch pie shell reserving a couple of tablespoons liquid. Press top crust onto pie and brush generously with reserved liquid. Cut top crust to vent.
Bake at 350 F. for 50 minutes to 1 hour. Cool pie and enjoy the rhubarb pie that will change your mind about rhubarb.
This is the way my grandma made Rhubarb pie, except for the craisins, I learned that at some fancy restaurant in San Diego. The Custard makes the Pie.


Günter said...

Was? Dieser leckere Kuchen wächst in deinem Garten?
Give me the secret

Anonymous said...

is there anything this man can´t do? Gardening, backing, woodworking hell even knitting!!!

Zing said...

it was me Zing

basti said...

omg you are a real man! you can handle tools, you can grow up plants and you can cook and bake....

what else do i need?!


Lars said...

Günter, the secret is in the fertilizer, I use pure bullsh*t.

Zing, I can't repair cars.

Basti, you would still need a good auto mechanic.

jirjen?! said...

Ich LIEBE Rhabarber!!

Lars said...

Jirjen, und jetzt weisst Du wie man backt ein authentisches Amiländer Rhubarb Pie. Nur zu Jung, Du wirst es gar nicht bereuen.

monokel said...

What a cake!? You^re multitalented?!

Lars said...

Thanks Monokel.

Zing said...

rhubarb i´m wondering all day how that is pronounced? And by the way i think Lars could even handle the apocalypse!

Lars said...

Zing, the apocalypse? Maybe so, though according to th tests I wouldn't survive a zombie attack.

Rhubarb - ruu-barb, the "h" is silent.