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6:00 pm in Oregon 8% of precincts in the U.S. reporting
Obama 10,432,403
Mccain 10,418,113

7:00 PM/19:00 27% of precincts reporting
Obama 21,914,412 votes
Mccain 21,300,560 votes

7:30 40% of precincts reporting
Obama 29,915,719
Mccain 28,602,280

I have no doubt that Obama will win. What does worry me though is that 4 states have state constitutional amendments up for vote that say homosexuals should not have the same rights as heterosexuals.

8:00 53% of precincts reporting
Obama 37,555,553
Mccain 35,315,366

Obama is unofficially the winner with 297 of the 270 Electoral votes needed to win, Mccain has 139. Please don't ask me what the electoral college thing has to do with an election. i as 99.99999% of americans have no idea.

8:22 Mccain is giving his concession speech. YAHOOO!!

8:32 fireworks and car horns blaring in my neighborhood.


Günter said...

Gott sei Dank ist dieses Wahlspektakel vorbei. USA hat einen neuen Präsidenten, den richtigen Präsidenten. Gratuliere Lars, hoffentlich kann er auch alle seine Ideen verwirklichen

Anonymous said...

Kaffee gefällig...????
Zum Wohl...!!!

Frau Vivaldi said...

Erste Nachricht heute ganz früh zum Aufwachen: 44. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten: Barack Obama!

Lily said...

Congratulations, Lars and America :-)

ZIng said...

if they had asked the rest of the world, Obama would have like 90% of the votes ;)

Anonymous said...


kalle said...

Congratulations Lars! Endlich dürfen wir wieder euren Präsidenten lieben :)

Lars said...

Alle, yahooo!!!

ich vermute aber, für Obama ist der kampf nur erst begonnen.

Clamix said...


Er wird es nicht leicht haben, aber er hat schon geschafft, dass die Welt mit ihm gefiebert hat.

Anonymous said...

Nein, einfach wird es für ihn nicht. Trotzdem wird jetzt gefeiert :))!!!

Lars said...

Hoffentlich ist es wieder an der Zeit wenn U.S.A. arbeitet mit der Rest der Welt ZUSAMMEN um Alles für Allen es besser geht.

Zing said...

when i regard the American politics over the last couple of years (let´s face it i´m thirty) ... over the last thirty years it´s like the republicans bring war and excessive national debt and then the democrats have to clean up the mess and even if Clinton had his d... sucked by Monica in the oval office at the end of his presidentship --> No War no national debt good foreign relations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lars - you're still celebrating ? lol

And Zing... is right ;)

Lars said...

Not Celebrating Judy, I've had a cold and have been spending most of my time in bed.

P.s. you can't say Zing is right out loud, the kid has a big enough ego as it is ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lars, I hope you feel better now :))!