Some Holiday Cheer.

Those friendly people from the Westboro Baptist church have a Holiday message for us. Their website is if you want to know more about their beliefs and good works.

More here.


Günter said...

oh my god!

Anonymous said...

actually guys i think this picture of the angry Satan Santa is pretty cool it would perfectly match an Iron Maiden cover. Honestly these guys can´t be serious can they? I mean, this is not a religion at all it´s a hate group, a cult. I always wonder why the American people regard each and every shit as a religion because the head of such a group of bastards calls himself a preacher!
It´s the same bullshit with scientology, Jehovas witnesses, shall i go on?
They promise you whatever if you do whatever, but if Religion ever had a purpose in the world (i´m not saying it has) it was to create a system of sensible ethics. Well those guys obviously totally failed in creating one!

Lars said...

Zing is more or less right, although it's the group itself that says they're a religion, i say they're a bunch of lunatics.

Günter said...

@ lars
thats right what you say

Der Geezer von Tampadorf said...

Ah, The God Fearers. They always are able to rally to amuse. I love that, Lars. Truly Fab. Wherever did you find it? I'm putting this in my File Of Fulishness. Gotta love those Baptists . . . Great Entertainment.

Alles beste,
Mike in Tampa

Lars said...

Geezer!!! Good to see you. I found it somewher on line. Perhaps through this news site,
Lass dich alles gut gehen.