Nachricht aus Portland

Der Burgermeister. danke Gay Dissenter das Du es schon überbesetzt hast ;)

Ein Bürger.

Nun denn, was ist wirklich wichtig?


Zing said...

honestly i never understood why sex is so important for the yellowpress are we really all that interested in who fucks who? If there´s no violence or kids involved, who cares? It´s just sex and i think most of us did the evil thing before becoming 18. And i heard about the shootings and everytime somtehing like that happens i just wonder why? And i really hope noone i know got hurt.

Lars said...

I still haven't heard anything on what they're saying might have been the reason for the shootings. Most of the victims were foreign exchange students. It's kind of shocking to have something like that happen in your own city.
The Mayor is holding his own in the face of public curiosity. He'll only talk about work related stuff with the press.
It really is nobodys business but his own. He lied, okay, he's a politician for crying out loud.

Günter said...

How depressed someone must be like this young named Ayala to do such horrible things.
Aber man kann nicht in andere Menschen hineinschauen

kalle said...

Dreckiger Wahlkampf...