Chair Intermezzo, or, a 3 vest weekend

I did mention on face book that I escaped going out and picking peaches only by beginning to sew on a vest for Geoff. Not that i don't want to pick peaches, I just don't want to end up canning a bunch of peaches on this particular sunday.
It turned out to be a 3 vest weekend for Geoff. He works in a paint store and has a required shirt that he has to wear. He hates it. I have sewd him vests, (and shirts) for the past 19 years. After he got the Paint store job with the shirt requirement he balked and started to wear the vests as an individuallizing statement, he has been told to not wear them but has somehow always managed to retain the right of individuality. I think that his "colorfulness, (with vests") has gained him the trust of clients who don't know what they want as far as color is concerned and rely on someone with individuality. Therefore, Geoff and his "signature" vests are a part of Miller Paint.
He has, however, lost a few pounds since I started making the vests for a more ample Geoff. I did experiment with cutting one down this weekend. Geoff says that it works.
I also like to work, sometimes, with fabrics that have a very "pictorial" imagery. This particular one has been cut and sitting around for several months, I just this weekend finally sewed it all together.

Geoff happened to stop by the fabric store last week to get me more interfacing and came home with some spider fabric. Dutifully turned in to a vest. ( I may say dutiful, but it's been awhile since I did anything sewingwise.)
Now, there are only 8 fabrics left in the line up. Oh, did someone notice that on face book this morning I mentioned I had material for 8 vests on hand, but somehow after making two vests today I still have 8. Well, Geoff went to the fabric store today to buy more lining for 2 of the vests, and magically came home with more fabric.
Maybe you guys that have to wear business suits everyday and your only claim to individuality is in the neck ties that you wear, I imagine that's how it is with Geoff.
The line up. Yes Rita, I know that the 2 on the far right have been in the lineup since December. (Ja Rita, ich weiss wohl dass die 2 ganz Rechts sind noch Da seit Dezember.)


Anonymous said...

Zitat: "...Ja Rita, ich weiss wohl dass die 2 ganz Rechts sind noch Da seit Dezember."
So ist es, lieber Lars und du hast großes Glück, dass das Verfallsdatum bei diesen Stoffen etwas großzügiger ausfällt ;-) Aber die Stoffmuster sind unschlagbar.

Günter said...

Hey, die Auswahl ist ja riesig und die Muster einmalig

Zing said...

The one with the japanese motive is really the killer i wonder what would happen if you wore that when you got to a japanese restaurant.

Lars said...

Rita, ich wusste ja Du würdest doch merken dass ich habe die zwei noch nicht zugenäht.

Günter in sein Kleiderschrank hat Geoff etwa 60 Weste aber er will immer Mehr haben.

Zing, es gibt auch ein Hemd mit Sushimuster.

job said...