Oh No! What to do next?

as they say, I've painted myself into a corner.
I have 3 projects on knitting needles. A Gigantic lace tablecloth for Geoff, based on 3 patterns from the recently re-released works of Herbert Niebling, the father of modern lace knitting, yes guys, men have been knitting for centuries. a lace skirt for my nieces little girl, which is actually almost finished. I wanted though some quick and mindless knitting and have started a neck scarf as well.
I sewed up 3 new vests for Geoff last weekend, and remodeled one. There is still fabric for another 4, or is it 5 new ones as well as a 20 or so that still need taken in for him and his new size. Hmmm.... low on the list since he has 10 new ones since December.
The windsor project could use some attention. i put the legs on top of the water heater to dry out some and they are probably dry enough to be fitted to the seat. The arms warped a little while drying so I'm thinking that I could steam bend them to a uniform shape, the crest also needs steam bent and the back bow is probably ready for shaping. The guy that I ordered the red oak for the spindles called today and said that he went out to split out the rivings today and that his red oak log wasn't much good and would I mind if he sent me hickory rivings instead. Yeah, sure, I'll take hickory, it's a little harder than oak and will be a little more trouble to work, but I want to get some progress made on this chair.
I also got an e-mail today saying that the plans for this clock shipped today. before I can build it a need a scroll saw. I don't have an extra $500/600 bucks for a good one and know that I'll regret buying a bad one so I'm thinking maybe I should build this, at least then i'd also have a lathe for my next chair project and save energy and help the enviroment as well.
Please, someone come amd organize and settle me down before I project myself to death!


Zing said...

I´m really not good at helping you settle down and organize all your projects ... but anyway i learned some good sayings from your entry. You are a busy man Lars ... but your projects are realy amazing.

Lars said...

Zing, thanks. Instead of actually spending much time on any one project, I decided to clean and organize my workshop. If it looks good then I must be accomplishing something;)

Günter said...

@ lars and zing
you are worcaholics my friends

Lars said...

Günter, idle hands are the devil's workshop;) (unbeschäftigte Hände sind der Werkstatt den Teufel, oder so ähnlich)