Long weekend ahead

Here we have Labor day weekend coming up, so for Lars it's a 3 day weekend.

Those of you who visit often will have noticed that a lot of my blog is misssing, long story.

For those of you who are new, or relatively new, such as Basser, and want to know what the American is doing speaking German, a short history.

Many, many moons ago I did study German for one winter in school, I forgot most of that.
Five years ago the idea came into my head to learn German, I have no idea why, it was just there.
I started with a good Dictionary and a couple of books, it was not fun. I then got the idea to try it out with the Harry Potter books. Challenging for a non German speaker and also a little bit fun.
I read the first Three Books simultaneously in English and German. The fourth book I read in English and set it aside and then read it in German, with lots of help from the dictionary. The fifth and sixth books I have read only in German, also with the help of the dictionary. I have read other books as well, so my entire knowledge of the German language is not garnered entirely from H.P.
I spend a lot of time on line reading German blogs and stuff, I also do a little chat and exchange a few e-mails, and look in the dictionary a lot, though probably not as much as I should..
I can't really speak German as I seldom have the opportunity to actually do so, this also means that I have difficulty understanding spoken German. Hopefully that will all take care of itself somehow.

So, there you have it in a nutshell.

Nun, wenn Sie nicht Englisch lesen können, ich will Dies auch in Deutsch schreiben aber Heute bin ich zu erschöpft, also, Bitte Haltdurch, ich werde es doch noch tun.


Anonymous said...

Dafür, dass du keine praktische Übung hast, bist du aber richtig gut! Respekt!

tottinho said...

Es funktioniert auch umgekehrt. Viele deutsche lesen Harry P. auf englisch

Manchmal aber nicht um zu lernen, sondern weil das deutsche Buch erst im Oktober kommt;-)

Lars said...

Danke Fishcat.

Tottinho, bis jetzt hab ich nicht mein Geduld verloren und warte noch bis zum Oktober. Bin doch ein braver Jung.

Anonymous said...

...Ich fürchte, so lange wird 'that hard headed son of dane' mit uns vorlieb nehmen müssen...