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Wanton Destruction Shakes Blogosphere

The entire blogging world was rocked to it's very cyber core yesterday when it learned that the blog known as "Der Amilander Spricht", a well known and much loved blog in both English and German, was catastrophicly destroyed.
Rumors flew faster than the ashes could settle. Many suspected it to be an act of terrorism, others believed that the Department of Homeland Security did the blog in due to the authors outspoken dislike of the King George regime and his connections to liberal Germans who seem to think that it is okay to be gay. This was quickly and catagorically denied by members of the Bush administration, although they did point out that there was evidence of WMDs between many of the lines.
Investigators at the scene however, lay the blame directly at the feet of the author himself. According to authorities, who refuse to name their sources, the "Amilander was cleaning out his Bookmarks when he came across a link to his partners unused "Geoff's Garden" blog. In a fit of whyisthisblogstillevenonlinewhenheneverusesit and attempted to delete said blog.
Again the unnamed sources, who are said to be close to the author, are quoted as having said,
"he was a techno idiot, he was never able to seperate the operations of the two blogs from each other and couldn't even write seperate profiles for them". As Lars, the street name of the "Amilander", attempted to delete "Geoff's Garden" he instead sent his own blog straight to hell.
Valiant rescue efforts by the "Tampa Geezer", who happenened on the scene before all was completely lost, managed to save a couple of stories from cached files, and a lot stuff that should have been destroyed.
The "Amilander has vowed to rebuild his blog on the same site. To quote him; "As a phoenix rises from the ashes of it's own destruction, so too shall this blog."
Readers will also be relieved to learn that the several months old, single entry blog "Geoff's Garden" escaped unscathed and awaits it's author should he ever decide to use it.
This reporter was able to contact Lars's sister who said, "Well, as our mother would have said, that hard headed son of dane will never go away."


Anonymous said...

Right so!!!

Scheibster said...

You made me laugh hard at your tragedy. I do feel somewhat guilty. :-)

Nur Mut und Kopf hoch, mein lieber Lars, denn schon Goethe sagte (und der wusste Bescheid):

"So ist denn alles, was entsteht, wert, dass es zugrunde geht."

Lars said...

Scheib, no neeed to feel guilty for laughing at me, we need to be able to laugh at ourselves and laugh with others. Mein kopf ist hoch und suche nach Mut. Alles geht mir schon gut.