In the daylight Puppy is afraid of other dogs, she was attacked and bitten once, and strange noises, she yelps and tries to get away. In the darkness she is also afraid but can't see what is scaring her so she barks to scare it before it can scare her. Anything, everything; every noise, every unfamiliarity should be barked at and driven back into the night before it gets close enough to truly threaten her.
I shrink back from confrontation, most of the time. I have been known to bark in the dark though, sometimes the not so dark.
There are people around me that bark at everything too, day or night, chasing everything away from them, or trying to, cursing every little thing that crosses their path. It upsets me to be around these people. It causes me to slip into the same trap. I don't like being in a trap, I bark.


Anonymous said...

I guess that’s the point at which you are able to separate the brave from the cowards. Both know not everyone who comes close is going to bite, even if they had to experience that once. But the strong ones have the courage to risk a second bite by still letting other people come close.

Lars said...

Yes, any relationship, whether intimate or just work colleagues requires that quality.

I did not write very clearly the point I was trying to make though, mea culpa, I was trying to talk a bout negative people who growl at everything and everybody around them.
I kind of mixed metaphors, or something like that. I need to go back to school and learn my English grammar better, ;).
I do have the book "English Grammar for Students of German", maybe I should look at it more often.

See, there I go rambling off point again.

Anonymous said...

Um, I wrote a long comment and then decided that I was losing the point, too. ;) So I'll try and make it short:

Could also be my fault. It's very likely that I simply don't get one of your points that a native speaker would have.

Regarding aggressive people, I try to ignore them and simply keep a neutral tone (if possible) - that irritates them. ;)

Do you also know that kind of people who tend to whine about every single bad thing that ever happened to them in their whole life?! I think that's a trap - if you're not very, very cautious, you start complaining within a second, too.
(Met someone like that just yesterday, that's probably why I had that association. But I resisted. Victory! ;))

Lars said...

yes, the constant whiner. They fray my nerves faster than anything.
Congratulations on your victory.