Wow! Portland really is a progressive city.

Portlands current Mayor announced last week that he would not seek reelection. The person that most want to see run for the office is an openly gay man, Sam Adams, former assistant to the previous mayor. A Real Estate developer political "wannabe" , Bob Ball, also would like to run for Mayor, he is also openly gay. The story that broke today in Portland is that Ball went to others with the allegation that Adams had an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year old youth. All unsubstantiated and to all appearances not true. More info over at Towleroad.
I think the best coverage of the story came from The Portland Mercury though. (p.s. The Lars Larson quoted in the article is a local rightwing media figure and NOT your more liberal author)
Portland now not only has the honor of being the home of Tanya Harding but also gets to be the first city to have a gay cat fight in the mayoral race.
In spite of this, I do like Portland.


Anonymous said...

whuzaaa a gay cat fight, we have a gay major in Berlin Klaus "ich bin schwul und das ist gut so" Wowereit, i suppose you are a little more on Adams side? ... let´s hope he got the balls to kick Ball in his balls. hmm i will follow this thing up, the mercury is bookmarked and i said it before and say it again - if i happen to visit the US, Portland is the place to be ;)


Lars said...

A cat fight is when two women get all bitchy with each other. I guess I just said something derogatory about gays by saying that. Damn, I just insulted myself again. Being Politically correct is getting harder and harder.
I've heard of Wowereit.
Yes I am more on Adams side, I don't always agree with his politics exactly but I do find him more sensible than a lot of his contemporaries.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lars, you know it´s strange that i sometimes forget simple english words like spoon, but i know what a catfight is, damn, i´m really not the one to discuss political correctness with, but everybody who reads this blog for more than a week knows (or should know) that it was not meant in a derogatory way when you wrote that, and i hope i´m not the one that insulted you, by laughing about such an expression. Sometimes you´re just too damn funny ;).
Anyway, yeahh Portland seems to be pretty progressive ...

Lars said...

Laugh with me Chris, it does me good.
You're not the only one that forgets simple words in english, I'm lucky to remember my own name some days. ;)

derzornigemarkus said...

whatever happens, your first lady is going to be a man. at least in this city, possibly in the whole country. the same thing happend over here and we are still suffering :)

(damn it! before i post a comment, i always check them for spelling errors. and now look at this, the word "still" is missing in some spellcheckers!
every day you learn something.)

Lars said...

Markus, I'm bad, I never have the patience to check for errors, it's come back to bite me a couple of times.

Is your first man at least gracious in social situations? It could be quite amusing to have Bill Clinton as the demure first man ;)