The father of a slain soldier has won a 2.9 million lawsuit against the westboro baptist hate mongers. Led by Fred Phelps this group has picketed the funerals of slain soldiers to promote thier belief that God is punishing the U.S. for condoning homosexuality. They also want to erect a "Matthew Shepherd is in Hell monument".
Update: now with punitive damages it is approaching 11 million.


Günter said...

Was ist los mit diesem "Phelps"?

Lars said...

Das weiss ich nicht Günter, er ist irgendwie vrrückt. Er hat sicher die Recht freizusprechen, aber wenn er das Recht so misbraucht um andere Leute zu beleidigen denn ist er ja wohl über die Grenze.

Günter said...

Habe mich im Internet über Phelps schlaugemacht, der Mann ist ja ein Wahnsinn

Anonymous said...

Finally someone kicked Phelps freaking ass! What´s wrong with this guy didn´t his mom love him or something? I was at a graveyard yesterday visiting people i once lost, if a guy like Phelp and his fellow idiots would show up ... i can´t even imagine that ... but i think he would get more trouble than he can handle, what a b******.

the angry lion Zing