It's that Time

It seems like eventually almost every blogger admits that, whether or not it was their original intention in starting a blog, they do appreciate, and some days crave, the attention of their readers.
So, today is the day for me.
I must say first, I never really thought about how I would feel about how many visitors my blog would get, I went in to the whole thing rather naive, and with the urging of Scheibster, bless his black little heart.
I was enjoying reading and learning German from everyday normal people, and, got the idea that I would sometimes have something to say as well. Enter the Blog. I was quickly addicted, even when I had nothing to say. Following that came the addiction to knowing whether or not people were reading my blog. Not too many comments were showing up so maybe no one was interested, Okay, enter Google Analytics. Hey, they are coming and reading, some of them even often, they're just too shy to comment. Well, I must admit that don't comment on every post I read, but I still like to read what that blogger has to say. So, it's cool. They are reading along though,(says the Lars with that greedy little kid look in his eye).

Anyway, as I mentioned before, most of my readers come from Germany, and a lot of them speak English.

In the past 30 days Germany sent...

509 Visitors via 71 Cities.

The top 10?

Nürnburg (I know who you guys are)
Frankfurt (the wessis, not the ossis ;^P)
Leer ( I know who you are too)

So, thanks to you guys and all the others who make the effort to stop by, (HI Austria)

Oh, and a special shout out to the air force base person in Wyoming that has dropped by. ( Lars gives a hearty wave and playful salute to the man in the uniform)

P.s. Is it ironical that this, of all posts, is in English? What a fickle guy that Amilander is.


Oles wirre Welt said...

Don't be too sure who visited you from Leer. :)

Well including me, there's at least two possible candidates.

And I'm quite sure I visited your site within the last 30 days from Leer, which is my Hometown - although I still wonder, why Münster cannot be found in the Top 10. I at least thought to be visiting your site quite regularly. Even if I lacked the time to comment more frequently... :)

Lars said...

Ole , Munster is up there. It's kind of odd though, visits from towns near Oldenburg often are routed through Oldenburg and don't show up as having come from, say Leer. Though in the past few weeks Oldenburg has sharply decreased in visits and the surrounding communities have increased. Before that, Leer showed up as having only one visit, even though there were several comments originating in Leer.
Anyway, it's good to see you, as always.

Lars said...

Oh, and shouldn't you be in bed young man? ;) It's quite late there, 2:30 in the morning if my Rechner is not lying to me.

Anonymous said...

Nice posting, we all know that "problem", beeing addicted to blogging, but i really like your blog, and i had a similar idea, when i started reading yours, improving my english by reading english ... have a great day


Oles wirre Welt said...

Well, due to the fact, that I urgently need some bucks to earn my living, I tend to spend my nightly hours driving a huge van, once a week. :)