That is so wrong.

I was just doing something, I don't remember what, well I am over 40, and my mind was doing random things, it does that when I'm not paying attention.
Anyway, whatever it was that I was thinking about while my mind was busy elsewhere, my mind somehow overheard and said to me, "hey that's back asswards" It's good that my mind listens to me sometimes, someone needs to.
Oh, we were talking about ass backwards, well, that is what we were talking about, in english when something is being done totally wrong you can say politely, "that's putting the cart before the horse", I'm not that polite. I say something is being done ass backwards, and for extra emphasis, "back asswards".
Or, if something is being done in the most difficult way possible, that's called doing things "the cowboy way", don't stop and think things through, just go for it, hey, you could be a cowboy someday. Actually, doing something the cowboy way is a whole lot better than having a cluster fu*k. That's when there are too many people involved and nobody gets the project done because nobody knows what anyone else is doing, or who is supposed to actually make sure the project gets completed at all. Where I grew up, we called such situations "hungarian cluster Fu*ks", what hungarians have to do with it is a mystery to me, but I'm sure if there were enough hungarians involved, and they were cute, I'd forget what I was doing and things would go really wrong.
Just for the record, I hate Hungarian cluster fu*ks, I do things the cowboy way, and yeah, that often involves doing things backasswards.


Anonymous said...

Lars, that is a really great thing you wrote there, i know the word cluster only in total different meaning ... but sometimes when clusters are messed up and the nodes are not doing what they are supposed to do, you have a real cluster fu**, that´s the kind of expressions i can use every day *laughs* ... well at least the thing with the cowboy way i can also use at work *grin* ...


Günter said...

oh, this is very hard to understand for me because my english is not very well. I will drive by car to hungary. It is only 30 minutes away and there i can ask for "hungarian cluster f....." *lough*

Lars said...

Günter, be very careful what you ask for ;)