Root Beer Floats

Zing took the test, he's an American. The guy that writes USA erklärt says that Germans hate root beer, Zing likes it, poor guy has lived his whole life thinking that he was German. His parents should have told him when he was a child. I bet they never taught him how to make a root beer float either. Fill a glass half full of root beer, fill it the rest of the way up with vanilla ice cream. You'll need a spoon. Now, that's good eating.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god i´m so excited i will be in the bean bar tomorrow one of the very rare places here where they serve root beer and mountain dew ... i will bring Vanilla Ice cream i have to try that *laughs*!!!


Lars said...

If you love it though, it means you really are an american at heart. (but I promise not to tell anyone)