The quilt is finished

After cutting out and sewing all the little pieces together, the three layers of the quilt are pinned together and sewn together.

It is then turned inside out.

The three layers are then "quilted together, i.e. sewn through all 3 layers at intervals.

And finally put on the bed. The end result is about 89 inches square, or 2.25 meters square. It is a little out of square, but hey, it's handmade.

I still wish Partner had not stained the oak cabinets I built him dark, luckily I was able to dissuade him from doing the same to the headboard, to go through all that effort with such a beautiful wood, peroba rosa, and then have it stained would have been a real bummer.
The vertical slats were made to be easily removed because originally he wanted to put in an upholstered leather panel, I think he has decided it looks good the way it is though, I hope so anyway.


Günter said...

In ganz Österreich hab ich noch nicht so ein schönes Stück gesehen,du könntest hier sehr viel Geld damit verdienen

Zing said...

i think günter is right, i´m amazed how many handmade artworks there are in your home ... aaaand for the first time we are allowed to have a glance in your bedroom hehe. Did you ever think of starting your own business with all the things you "bastel" i really do think that there´s a market for handcrafted things again.

Lars said...

There is a market, but the time it takes to make these things is greater than the amount that people are willing to pay, if I spend 6 hours making a shirt and want the minimum wage $8 per hour that would be $48 plus the cost of materials, people just don't want to pay that.