In the language i actually know something about...and very "stream of consciousness"

( It has something to do with my recurring desire to be a woodworker, but I still don't know what)
for my German only speaking friends, sorry, it's a bit of a soul bearing piece and even though when I talk to myself and don't want to really deal with my own problems I use my bad German in my head so as not to actually deal with my problems, as you all can see this is stream of consciousness (there should be a "t" in there somewhere, nope no "t" but "consciencnous" is not right either), and not planned or well written. To the point, let's hope so.
When I was very young I wanted to be a veterinarian, I spent hours at the library researching what veterinarians did and needed to know. Sometime in my teenage years I switched focus and wanted be a woodworker, I had a background in this field thruough my father and grandfather, very MINIMAl experience though. My father had neither the time or the tools to be a woodworker, he tried, but wasn't really able, unlike his father who died a year before I was born. Most of my early experiences with any handtools , and, or especially maschines) led to me cutting myself. I have scars.
18 Years ago when I met my Partner I was more interested in ceramics and didn't do much about woodworking, a year after we met we moved in to an apartment building that his exes cousins family owned. The basement was full of old communist literature, moscow today and soviet news, as well as many old tools, the grandfather was a russian jew trunk maker, Mr, Ganapole, or Ganapolski. He established what is now known as the Portland Luggage Company . I still have some of those tools, some I had to leave behind as it was such a huge moving job when we bought our house 10 years ago, they were mostly tools for bending metal and such like, as well as boxes full of hinges, metal trunk corners and the like. Somehow I came away with stuff that I have no use for and left behind stuff that I would now very much like to have.

And now your Lars is schwippsig and should sign off on this going nowhere tale and continue it at some later date.


basti said...

ok lars, come on! if you write in your "perfect" english i will use german to give u an commentary (i think the t is right in there but one m is to much)

i like see idea to see you sweat about a big brick of wood, and you do something beutiful with your tinny hands (full with scars)... however! its an hard desicion to do something filigrane stuff like woodworker because you need much exercising to be good... but you got the motivation you, so keep your head high... some things you forget, you will never see again... old furniture isn´t a reason to be tired... maybe you can build something very beutiful with all the new tools and things you have

nice story...

Zing said...

soo children sit down and shut up because uncle Lars is about to tell a story :) well i can imagine that would be a very good woodworker ...

Günter said...

Ich glaube lars wäre auch ein guter Tierarzt geworden

Lars said...

@ Basti, fürchte Dich nicht vor mein "perfekt" Englisch, es ist gar nicht so schlecht als mein deutsch aber es ist doch dialekt. auch mein Partner kann mir hänseln wenn ich vergesse das ich in Oregon jetzt lebe und spreche wie ich hätte mit einen Familienmitglied gesprochen hatte. Danke aber das Du nehmst Dich die Mühe mir in englisch zu begrüssen, ich mag es sehr.
@ Zing, they so seldom sit down and shut up when I start to talk, thanks for taking my part.
@ Günter, ja ich liebe noch und immer die Tieren, die sind ja so verstehbarer als Menschen.