Quick Lars, think of something.

I'm going to have a visitor on Sunday and the guest room doesn't have a bed. I did find these bamboo sticks though...
...and I have these oak floor boards left over from when I layed new floors throughout the house.
Can Lars turn these things into a bed before Sunday? Stay tuned.


Günter said...

nur keine Hektik,der Besuch kann auch auf der bench übernachten

basti said...

you try to build a bed?
maybe next times i am in the staates i come to you and test your skillz :-)

tottinho said...

Ich bin ja so gespannt ob der Lars sein Bett fertig bekommt.
Schalten Sie wieder ein, wenn es heißt: "Lars is building a bed!"


Zing said...

I bet 10 Euros that he will make it!

Lars said...

@ Günter, gute Plan "B".

@ Basti, nur zu Jung.

@ Totti, Die meist angeschaute serien des Season.

@ Zing, I'll do my best to keep your 10 E in your pocket.