This american life

Tonight, sitting in the garden, I decide it was time to take puppy for a walk. I walked to the front of the yard to move the water before leaving only to find 3 police officers standing in front of my house discussing a possibly armed man roaming the neighborhood. Okay, i'll wait and take puppy for a walk later.
About 10 minutes later the phone rings and Lars, who naivley thinks that people who call him at home are going to be friends or family, picks up the phone. It's Kiesha, she wants to know if Lars would like to participate in a public opinion survey of how things are in Oregon. Lars always has an opinion and immediately told Kiesha his opinions. "My opinions are; the current administration sucks, the war is wrong and people who call and interrupt other peoples private lives are wrong". Apparently this satisfied Kieshas survey and she politely thanked me and said goodbye, eventhough she never asked me one question about Oregon.
Okay, now it's probably safe to take puppy for a walk. We get a few blocks from the house and encounter 4 young african americans playing basketball in the street, 3 boys and a girl, the girl is in posession of the ball, they're about 10 or 12 years old, the girl says something that I did'nt hear, or understand, and one of the boys says "dats cus you a ho", Translation; That is because you are a whore. One of the young men, who is sitting on his bicycle, tosses his bike to the side, yes he got off the bike and threw it to the side, got in the other young mans face and said, " wat you say muthaf***er? you say that again". (muthaf***er is a not very polite way of saying that someone has an oedipus complex and has acted on it, a quite common noun in my neighborhood).
Luckily it wasn't far to get home again where beer and cigarettes were waiting.


Lily said...

Yay to some beer and cigarettes.
And can I haz cheesburger?

Pathologe said...

Where you dey? What area are you living in? Sounds like "a challenging, non-boring neighbourhood with multi cultural influence". Luckyly you made it home sane, for a fag (br.) and a beer.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that we are neighbours... ;)

Lars said...

Basser, which corner do you live on?

Patahloge, it's northeast Portland, it was formerly the "hood", now a little more multi cultural and is now also known as the Alberta "arts" district. once the "artists' discover a run down neighborhood with cheap housing the neighborhood is doomed. There is not one crack house left on my block and there are Boutiques.

Lily, of course you can haz a cheeseburger.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like an interesting place to live on ;).
..but then isn't it dangerous sometimes?

Lars said...

It has improved 300% since we bought our house 10 years ago. I haven't actually heard a gunshot for 3 or 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Times are changing... Sometimes to stay home and have a nice day with puppy is the better choice!

Frau Vau said...

Sounds like an interesting evening with beer and cigarettes.. ;-)
Wow - 3 years without hearing gunshots.. how boring..!! ( :-0uuuuh!)

Lars said...

Ja Basti, so verbringe ich die Meiste Abende.

Frau Vua,es wäre nur langweilig wenn die Polizei kamen nicht ab und zu vorbei um Irgendjemand festzunehmen. Ohne waffen gibt es noch Übeltätern.

Lily said...

No gunshots heard for three or four years. Well. That made my day :D