Snow pig on a snow day

I made it to the bus stop and came to work today. I'll be going home early though. I'll need to stop on the way and stock up on beer and cigarettes though.

Ollie pig decided to come out of her house last night, she quickly changed her mind and shifted into reverse and was back inside in no time.
I had plenty of time to work on Partners newest Vest, we'll go for the view from the back first. The collar comes all the way around and across the back of the neck.
The front view.
Pattern redrawn and sized from the jacket "B" in the center.


Günter said...

Ach wäre ich jetzt gerne ein Schwein in Oregon bei dem Schnee

Lars said...

günter ich mache Zauberformeln um ihr Schnee auch zu schicken, passt auf ;P

tottinho said...

hättest du auch gern die Nase im Schnee?

Clamix said...

White Christmas - ich bin neidisch :-)

Frohe Weihnachten, Lars!

Monokel said...

Happy Christmas to you and all the freaks around you! From Swizzerland Monokel

Günter said...

Thank you lars for your magic
The snow really began to fall at 08.45 AM on 25. December

Lars said...

Totti, guter Idee! lassen wir uns Günter hilfen ;D

Clamix, wahrscheinlich solltest Du nach Österreich fahren.

Happy Holidays to you too, you old swizzler ;P

Günter, gern getan.