News from the left coast.

It's snowing in March in Portland, Oregon!? This climate change business is getting out of hand.

Cousin finally moved out over the weekend and the House Guest that was going to be here over the weekend had given me the wrong date and won't be here until next weekend, a whole week more to clean house.

I managed to get a couple of decent pictures of the dog Hair blanket, finally. They're here, just in case you still want to see any more of that project.

The cold that I was coming down with on Thursday seems to be getting better, hopefully it won't drag on and on.


Orinoko said...

It is really difficult to get a picture of a blanket this size in which it´s pattern can be seen good. I suppose you´d need ~70% background light and ~30% from the front.
Snow in march is a very normal thing in Sauerland, where i come from, guess it should normal in portland too. You´re having continental winter there, don´t you?
By the way, how did cousin take that stroke? Did he find a new place to stay?

Lars said...

Hi Orinoko. Snow in March is quite normal in Wyoming and Montana where I grew up, but not in Portland. Cousin found an Apartment. It's about time too.
I'm shipping the blanket to Wyoming this week. I'm guessing those last pictures are as good as I'm going to get.

Lars said...

I looked it up, the last time it snowed in March in Portland was 19 years ago.

Günter said...

spring is coming, Lars
dont be eagerly, keep smiling

Lars said...

Günter, spring begins in 11 days, Yahooo!!

kalle said...

Hi lars,

Schnee haben wir hier auch im süden. Der Winter lässt nicht locker,

lg kalle

Zing said...

Í still find the dog hair blanket totally amazing and i really wonder if should start to collect the cat hair. Well the snow hmmm i think it was Song from Prince or Symbol or whatever he calls himself those days "sometimes it snows in April". about cousin, well i think there´s some people that need a little "push" before they start to take control about their own lives. I hope you get around the cold, have fun!

Anonymous said...

Well - here in Munich the sun is shining. And then - the very next moment - it's snowing. We really have CRAZY weather here lately... I want sun and spring and warmth!!

Hopefully soon!!!

Lars said...

Judy, it has not been the best winter I've had in Portland, and it's not getting better soon enough ;-(

Anonymous said...

I have come to HATE snow already!!! Today it snowed AGAIN!! ARGH!