I'm going to miss Maisie this week

You probably remember that Maisie loves going to the beach. Well, she agreed to take Geoff to the beach for an entire week. I'm not sure if I'll miss Geoff, but I'm positive I'll miss Maisie. Smileys


Günter said...

beneidenswert, ich hätte auch einmal gerne so eine entire week for me

Basti said...

i would never ever go to the beach without my dogs... but think of it, you got an entire week only for you and mrs piggie!!!

Zing said...

Someone has to stay with Olie and yes you can enjoy that week, too ... invite some friends and party like it´s the end of the world

Lars said...

Günter, a guy definitely needs a break from the daily contact!

Basti, Oh Yeah!

Zing, I don't think I have any friends that still have the energy to dance like that.