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Let's start with a picture of Maisie, just because the rest of this Beitrag is a bit more serious.

Some of you will already be aware that the California Supreme Court has upheld that states ban on equal marriage rights for same sex couples. More here.
For all the news on gay Marriage, good and bad. in the U.S. look Here.
The Gay Dissenter has posted some of the Judge Moreno's, the only Judge who did not want to uphold the ban, comments as well as his own commentary Here. Quicke also has a few words Here.

Now, why is this important to Lars at this point in time?

6 Years ago I needed a bilateral inguinal hernia repair. After I was given the anesthesia the attending nurse asked if I had a wife or girlfriend that the doctor could call after the surgery to let know how everything went. I replied no, but my friend that was just here and who will be coming to take me home later should be called. The nurse replied "Doctor can't do that".

Monday I'm going in again to have the repairs repaired and if I hear that kind of bigotry again I'm calling a civil rights group into play. I've already made it known that I found this type of discrimination bad and that I expect better treatment this time around, and I MEAN IT, dammit.
A couple of lesbians that I work with asked me why I couldn't just say that my partner is my brother and avoid such a situation, why should I have to? After 19 years together?
If we just keep pretending and lying we're saying that we are second class citizens and don't need the same rights and protections that heterosexual couple families have. It's time to take a stand and demand the equal protection that we are constitutionally supposed to have.

Update; the doctors office just called to say that he will talk to whomever I ask him to.


Günter said...

This is the USA, the Land of FREEDOM

Lars said...

Na Günter, wahrscheinlich gibt es die die freier sind als Anderen.

Anonymous said...

Just keep on fighting Lars

Lars said...

Thanks Anon. One has to take a stand at some point.

Frau Vivaldi said...

Ganz naiv: könnt Ihr nicht rechtsgültig in einem anderen Bundesstaat heiraten?
Nicht aufgeben!

rene said...

Lars, I really like the way you act here. We cannot fight discrimination by denying what we are - you'd do that if you said Geoff is your brother.

Wish you all the best for your "repairs of the repairs".

zing said...

That´s the right spirit ;) you cannot change anything if you look the other way or deny it ... Nice :)

Lars said...

Frau Vau, ja, das wäre möglich, aber es wird auch hier schliesslich eine Realität.

René, I find it reassuring that the doctors office made the effort to call me back the next day to let me know that they took my concerns seriously.

Zing, ;D

jirjen?! said...

I hope everything went fine though!

I'm looking foward to hearing your report next sunday ;)

Pathologe said...

Ich hoffe, dass alles gut gegangen ist. Und dass sich die Zeiten aendern.