At the Coast

It was damp and a little rainy but not all that bad, there was even a little bit of sunshine.
Maisie decided that the yard of the house where we were staying needed an excavation, it was big enough for her to hide in completely by the time she finished. She was also much braver about the beach and the waves, she even went wading. She also was very brave about other dogs, no more yelping and running if she sees another dog, now she barks at them.
We stopped and visited the historic Fort Stevens. Abe Lincoln ordered it to be built towards the end of the civil war in case the English should come in on the side of the Confederates and invade the Pacific northwest from Cananda. Originally it was just a great big Earth fort surrounded by a moat but was later rebuilt with a lot of concrete and earthenworks. It was the first site of a Japanese attack on the continental U.S. in ww2. No damage done. It was closed in 1947 but in the 1950's was turned into a historical site.
There was also a replica of a Clatsop Indian longhouse.
Geoff and Greg were released from the Guardhouse and we went home.


Anonymous said...

Geoff and Greg were released? What did they do ;)
And nevermind the weather it´s not much better here,


Lars said...

he full story of what they did to be taken to the guard house isn't clear yet, there was something about a Republican senator and foot tapping though.