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...has decided to focus more on his fiber blog, since that is mostly what he does these days.
This blog has been neglected and will probably continue to be so.
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Uh oh! Look who moved into the guest bedroom over the weekend.

It's a Union Custom Loom. This one has been around for a few years, possibly since they first started making them in 1918. The guy I bought it from had rescued it from an old barn and cleaned it up and reassembled it. It's going to take some fiddling around and a little more tender loving care before it's up and running again. You guys know me though, a woodworking and fiber project combined is my favorite.
P.S. Future Guests, I'll need a little forewarning to shuffle things around and set up the bed for you;)


Düsseldorf to Portland

Sam Martin braves 'Forbidden Love'

Will adapt German soap for the U.S.

By Scott Roxborough

Feb 16, 2010, 02:29 PM ET

BERLIN -- Sam Martin, a former vp at cable network HBO, is set to adapt a story line from hit German soap "Verbotene Liebe" (Forbidden Love) for the U.S. market.

Martin, through her new aid+abet shingle, has acquired the remake rights to "Christian & Olli," a popular "forbidden love" story line about a gay couple living together in Dusseldorf. Christian and Olli have become cult figures in Germany and globally through the spread of clips of the soap on YouTube. The original soap is produced by GrundyUfa in Germany and airs on public broadcaster ARD.

Aid+abet plans to adapt the story, setting it against the backdrop of present-day Portland, Oregon. Through Martin's production agreements, HBO Films and HBO Entertainment will have first-look rights at the property before it is shopped to other networks


It's all happening over at the fiber blog recently.

Most of what I've been doing recently is more related to weaving and is being entered on my fiber blog.



...one of the most beautiful things I've seen in quite awhile. I need to go buy some wood.

Sam Maloof was a true artisan.